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How to get started on Future-minded?


  1. It all starts with signing up to the platform. To sign up, go to future-minded.com/user/register or click on sign up from the welcome page and register with your email. If you choose to register using your email a link will be sent to your email address. Click on that link to finalize your profile creating a password. 
  2. After you have set up your password you will be asked to provide some information when setting up your profile, including your name, title and organization. You will also be prompted to add more details about yourself and a profile picture. This will add a personal element to the groups and events that you participate in and facilitate your communication with other community members. Please know that only items marked with an asterisk require your information, you can choose to leave other fields empty. 
  3. Time to start exploring the platform! First up is the welcome or home page. Here you can find highlighted topics, new discussions, upcoming events and groups you can join. With the top menu you can navigate through the platform. More topics of interest can be found in the resources library
  4. Join a group within the Future-minded community to engage on specific topics. Share your thoughts, ideas and best practices with the group. Add your voice by commenting to topics or engage in any ongoing discussions.